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These last 6 months have gone by so fast, yet so much has happened & this one boy has stood by me through thick & thin. He’s my shoulder to cry on, my pillow to sleep on, my gym buddy, my drinking buddy, my best friend & the most amazing boyfriend I could have ever have asked for. He likes me for me; every scar, every tantrum, every mispronounced word, no make up, messy hair, every stretch mark, my stupid laugh, but especially my eyes.

I honestly never thought I could be this way with anyone; I’m so comfortable around him that we can sit for hours & say nothing, yet I’m able to tell him everything. He supports me more than anyone ever has, helping me overcome my fears & flaws. He has also helped me overcome my biggest challenge. 173 days clean & counting.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him to cuddle, laugh with & shout at, but I can bet my life would be a whole lot duller without Mr dopey by my side.

He believes in me & I loke him more than anything <3



reblogging solely for the last one tho

Life has been forever changed =-O

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